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Author: andy
Created: August 14, 2004
Taken: 4,259 times
Rated: G

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The Back To School Survey

Created by andy and taken 4259 times on Bzoink
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01. What grade are you entering
02. What time does school start this year
03. What time does school get out
04. Have you done all of your 'back to school' shopping
05. Are you excited to be going back
06. What class did you miss the most
07. What person did you miss the most
08. Which class is your hardest this year
09. Which class is your easiest
10. Which class is your favorite
11. Which teacher is going to be your favorite
12. Still riding the bus, or driving
13. Plan on changing your 'image' this year?
14. What's your number one goal for this year
15. How long will it take for you to be sick of school again
16. Any of your friends in your lunch period?
17. What 'group' do you belong to at school
18. Happy with that? Or sad
19. Are you trendy? Coolest kid in school. New clothes maybe
20. Who are you going to try to befriend this year
21. Still staying up until 2am and sleeping to noon?
22. What time are you going to have to wake up
23. Afternoon naps, or no?
24. Do you plan on attending the football games?
25. Do you plan on attending the dances?