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Author: ashantifan1224
Created: September 9, 2006
Taken: 3,114 times
Rated: G

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Extremely random weirdness unique questions by a new orleanian this is a very long survey be warned

Created by ashantifan1224 and taken 3114 times on Bzoink
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Did/Have you ever....
Jump off of a moving vehicle?
Climb to the top of a mountain?
Get bitten by a wild animal?
Dye your hair dark red, black, or blue?
Chew a pill you were supposed to swallow?
Lie to a substitute teacher about your name…lol
Spied on someone?
Been spied on?
Kissed an insect? What kind(s)?
Kissed an animal? What kind?(s)
Fed an animal directly from your hands? What kind(s)?
Cry at the end of a book/story…
Think you were about to get shot/murdered?
Fall off of a tall building?
Jump off a roof?
Been chased by a dog?
Believed in the tooth fairy/Santa Claus?
Been on T.V.? How many times?
Been in the newspaper? A magazine? Book? Movie?
Changed your religion? From what to what?
Thought you were an anime/cartoon character?
Been in love with an anime/cartoon character LOL
What things have you choked on so far?
Have you ever purposely eaten a bug?
Had rocks thrown at your bedroom window?
What is your average typing speed in words per minute(if you know)?
Do you believe Elizabeth Taylor really has violet eyes?
What color plate do you like eating off of best?
How many “best” friends have you had through out your life?
What are your favorite hair/eye color combo’s on a girl? On a boy?
What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?
Did you ever try to fly?
How many languages do you know at least one word in?
Do you have any unhealthy addictions?
Would you ever sing a solo in public?
What are some things you take with you every time you step out of your hous
Moon or sun?
Rain or shine?
Snow or fog?
hazel eyes or blue eyes?
Brown eyes or green eyes?
Japan or China?
New York or California?
Forest or Jungle?
Mountains or Caves?
Beach or pool?
Valley or Plains?
Pink or Purple?
Silver or Gold?
South or North?(of USA only)
West or East?(of USA only)
Pig or cow?
Sapphires or Rubies?
Emeralds or Diamonds?
Pearls or Garnet?
Bracelets or necklaces?
Rings or earrings?
Shoes or barefoot?
Would you rather be one of the world’s greatest singers or dancers?
Normal or weird?
Nerd or prep?
Goth or Ghetto?
Pocahontas or Jasmine?
Ariel or Belle?
Mulan or Aurora?
Cinderella or Snow-White?
Eye shadow or eye liner?
What color eyeliner/eye-shadow?
Lip stick or chap-stick?
Coke or Sprite?
Dr. Pepper or Root Beer?
Fire or Water?
Wind or Earth?
Light or Darkness?
Favorite dairy product?
What are the coolest animals you have petted?
How about the rarest you’ve found?
Do you like to burn things?
How many illegal things have you done in your life that you can think of?
Did you ever get caught?
When you read books do you become one of the characters?
Do you have multiple personalities?
Do you own holy books of a faith other your own?
Do you do very stupid things for attention?
Redhead or black hair?(everyones always like *blonde or brunette?!*)
How many US states have you been to?
Which states do you think are the most unpopular?(least well known)
What are your favorite holidays?
Do you eat children’s Tylenol and cough drops for fun?
Do you drink gravy out of a cup on Thanksgiving?
Are you part Native American?
Have you played an Indian in a school play?
Do(did) you like reading out loud in class?
Have you ever attempted to steal a chicken from someone’s yard?
What’s the highest height you’ve jumped from?(appx. Just estimate)
Did you ever sing/dance in the rain with your friends?
How many states can you name with out looking?
How many countries can you name with out looking?(educated guess)(there are
How many times have you passed out?
Are you double jointed?
How close can you get your tongue to your elbow?(in inches)
Is there a sport almost no one can beat you at?
What is the closest red thing to you right now?(can’t be anything you’re we
How about blue thing?
Green thing?
In your opinion is pink for girls?
What colors do you hate the most?
Would you ever dye your hair an unnatural color?
What are your favorite color shirts to wear?
How about jeans?
What color underwear are you wearing?
what color are the clothes your wearing?
How many different colors of underwear do you own?
Which color do you have most of?
Which colors are sad?
Which ones are happy?
Lime green vs. hot pink?
Hi-liter yellow or aqua?
Lavender or Scarlet?
Which colors have the deepest meaning?
Who are you on better terms with, Father Time or Mother Nature?
Are there any little kid shows you still like to watch?
What color are your bedroom walls? Did you choose the color?
Are there any eye-color/hair-color combo’s that annoy you?
What are your favorite flowers?
Have you ever mutilated dolls and created toy-story-like creatures out of t
How many adults do you know that you can really talk to/feel comfortable wi
Ever possessed illegal documents?
How many physical fights have you been in with someone other than an immedi
What are your favorite letters of the alphabet to write?(in script and regu
Have you ever accidentally caused a rather large fire?
Have you spoken to police as a witness to a crime something like that?
Have you eaten a whole box of cookies or bag of candy in one go?
How about drank a whole 2-liter soft drink in one day?
Did you ever invent things you thought might make a million dollars?
Do you wear silver chains?
Do you ever punish yourself?
Did you ever paint freckles on your face because you wanted them?
If you were trapped in a sealed metal crate that was thrown to the bottom o
What are the worst ways to die other than torture?
How often do you think of death?
Do you have any famous relatives that are related to you by blood?
How about not by blood?
Ever won a contest? What for?
Which school year was the most fun? (which grade(s)?
Do you like spicy foods?
Sour candies?
Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite gender? How old were you?
For girls> Are you girly or a tomboy or in between?
Did you ever think you or a member of your family was going to die?
Which magic power(s) would you want most? Don’t say more than three, and do
Can you run fast?
Have you seen people get discriminated against because of their skin color?
Do you purposely make stupid, random typos when you’re mad?
Ever had a party just because it was Friday?
Do you have a strange obsession with Wal-mart?
Were you ever supposed to go to court? Did you go?
What is your favorite bird?
Have you ever cheated on a test?