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Author: swishm24
Created: August 25, 2006
Taken: 168 times
Rated: G

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E>You Will Like This Suvy <3

Created by swishm24 and taken 168 times on Bzoink
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This Or That?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Coke or Pepsi
Basketball or Soccor?
Brocolli or Spinach?
Rain or Sun
Night ot Day
Outside orInside
About You
What color hair do you have?
What color eyes do you have?
What kind of music did you listen too?
Do you like chocolate?
Do you have glasses or contacts?
Whats your favorite color?
Whats your favorite music artists?
Whats your favorite song?
Whats your favorite type of music?
Whats your favorite channel?
Whats your favorite sport?
Who's your favorite actor or tv star?
whats your favorite movie?
Who's your favorite celebrity?
Whats your favorite animal?