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Author: tennnn
Created: August 24, 2006
Taken: 23,402 times
Rated: G

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Teens: Need to think plus fun! long but interesting and DIFFERENT

Created by tennnn and taken 23402 times on Bzoink
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Do boys or girls have life easier & why?
If your best friends would be 100% honest, would you really like that?
Strict teacher who taught a lot or a fun who didn't?
If you could travel into past, where would you go?
Can you be trusted with secrets?
What moment from ur past would u capture on video?
The person u dislike most: name something good about them.
If you could be invisible, what's the first thing you'd do?
Did you ever get in a mess for telling a lie?
Pill to make you braver or one to make u smarter?
Would you rather more love or presents from ur parents?
Would you take offer to kiss a crush for $250 in front of ur class?
Did you ever mess up a relationship?
If u could choose one perfect talent, what would it be?
Uniform or choose ur own clothes in school?
Are you in a hurry to grow up?
If you had to change lives with a friend for a day, who'd u pick?
What is one thing you'd change about ur parents?
Math or English?
Science or History?
Gym or Health?
Bring or buy lunch?
Bus or drive to school?
Ever been heartbroken?
If so, r u healed?
What is the best quality u got from ur dad?
Best quality u got from your mom?
Worst from dad?
Worst from mom?
Who are you closer to: mom or dad?
Does your family approve of your bf/gf?
Would you pick your siblings as friends?
What are three most important qualities in a friend?
What is ur best summer memory of 2006?
Are your grades as good as they should be?
What are you most proud of having done?
Last time you told your parents you loved them?
Last time they told you?
Would u eat a spider to meet ur favorite celebrity?
If u found a purse with lots of money, what would u do?
When is last time u laughed at urself for doing something silly?
If you could change one thing about your looks, what would it be?
One thing about your personality?
Would u choose to be the most attractive, the smartest, or most athletic?
What do your friends like most about you?
If it could be that someone adored u, who would u pick?
What's the best trick u played on someone?
Best birthday you ever had?
In opposite sex, PREFER blonde or brunette?
PREFER light or dark eyes?
PREFER long or short hair?
Would you accept braces?
Would you accept glasses?
Would you date outside your race?
Would you date someone taller?
Someone shorter?
Someone overweight?
Someone underweight?
Would you date someone who wanted to wait a long time for sxx?
Believe in love at first sight?
What grade are you going into?
Is your bf/gf in same school?
# 1 quality (besides looks) in a bf/gf is....
Do you get lots of offers to hook up?
How often do you do it?
How old were you with first love?
Do you miss that person or still with them?
What do you think is the hardest thing about growing up?
Best thing to do when you feel sad?
Anything that scares u even though u know there's no reason to be afraid?
Ever blamed for something you didn't do?
What was your biggest failure?
Would you rather repeat a grade in school OR gain 40 lbs?
What do you dislike most about yourself?
Best thing about school?
Worst thing about school?
If you got too much change in a store, would you tell them?
What really gets on your nerves?
What's most important lesson you have learned?
If u could read ONE person's mind, who would u pick?