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Author: snowblind199
Created: August 23, 2006
Taken: 759 times
Rated: G

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Zombie Survival Guide

Created by snowblind199 and taken 759 times on Bzoink
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This will quiz will help prepare you for when zombies attack.
Have you ever played any Resident Evil games? (Biohazard)
If you answered no, you are already on thin ice.
Weapon of Choice:
You have two liquor bottles, a rag, and a lighter, what do you do:
Hunt alone, or assemble a team:
What is the closest thing to you, that doubles as a weapon:
Would you seek out the zombies, or let them come to you:
Where would you hold up:
If a friend/family member was to become a zombie, could you kill them:
What would you do if you were bitten/infected:
Transportation of choice:
Could you sacrafice yourself to save your group:
If the world had an outbreak, would you still follow the laws:
What's the best way to take out zombies:
What would you wear:
What gear would go with you:
Sneak around, or cut right though:
Are you a guru of zombie films: