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Author: preppygothalex
Created: August 16, 2006
Taken: 226 times
Rated: G

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Myspace Survey

Created by preppygothalex and taken 226 times on Bzoink
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Full Name :
Birthday :
Birth Place :
Eye Color :
Hair Color :
Height :
Right / Left Handed :
Heritage :
Worst Habit :
Shoe Size :
Innie / Outtie :
Your Weakness :
Your Fears :
Goals This Year:
Best Physical Feature :
Your Most Missed Memory :
Your Perfect Pizza :
Your Bedtime :
Your Favourites
Color :
Food :
Sport :
Animal :
Ice Cream :
Candy :
Store :
Number :
Salad Dressing :
Gum :
Holiday :
Season :
Toothpaste :
Perfume :
Scent (aside from Perfume) :
Friends and Life
Dream Job :
Turn ons :
Turn offs :
Which One of Your Friends Acts the Most Like You? :
Who's the Loudest? :
Who Makes You Laugh the Most? :
Who've You Known the Longest? :
Who's the Shyist? :
When Have You Cried the Most? :
Best Feeling in the World?
Worst Feeling in the World? :
Where would you love to live? :
Finish Each Sentence
Let's Walk on the :
Let's Look at the :
Where'd all the :
Why can't we :
Silly, Little :
Isn't it weird that :
I wish :
Everyone has a :
I am :
Have You Ever
Been in Love :
Been Rejected :
Mooned someone? :
Thought about suicide? :
Cheated on someone? :
Seen a dead body? :
Eaten Sushi? :
Been Called a tease? :
Been Beaten up? :
Do You
Shower Daily?
Want to get married?
Like Thunderstorms?
Keep a Journal?
Dance in the Rain?
Sing in the Shower?
This or that
Pepsi or Coke?
McDonald's or Burger King?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Meat or Veggies?
Cake or Pie?
Can You
do the splits?
write with both hands?
blow a bubble?
roll your tongue?
touch your nose with your tongue?
cross your eyes?
Who was the last person you
talked to on the phone?
instant messenged?
yelled at?
Right this Moment
what are you wearing?
what shoes do you have on?
listening to music?
what are you drinking?
In a Boy / Girl .....
Fav Eye color?
fav hair color?
short or long hair?
what country would you most like to visit?
your good luck charm?
number of cd's you own?
do you drink milk?
who do you hate most?
how many rings until you answer your phone?
are you a health freak?