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Author: ojeez
Created: August 12, 2006
Taken: 557 times
Rated: G

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Clothes & Style & ... Stuff

Created by ojeez and taken 557 times on Bzoink
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First of all,Ddo you absolutely LOVE clothes?
Do you follow trends?
Shop a lot?
I like layering a lot. Do you layer?
Something you almost always have on:
What's the ugliest piece of clothing youve ever seen?
"skinny jeans". Good or bad?
Baggy jeans. Bad or good?
How do you wear your pants?
Are you fearful of bright colors?
Fearful of bold patterns?
Scared of stripes?
Just plain hate stripes and patterns?
Best thing you've ever bought:
Do you wear little kid's clothing?
Do you wear the opposite gender's clothing?
Would you ever wear your significant other's pants?
Something you just love:
Favorite accessory:
Do you wear black-on-black?
Black looks best with...
Do you wear rings?
Toe rings?
Favorite jewelry:
Something you own but never wear:
Something you would just...never wear:
Do you own anything that's ugly?
But do you love it anyway?
Have your clothes ever been made fun of?
Last piece of clothing you bought:
Most expensive:
Do you love sales?
Do you care about what's "in"?
The store that has the best clothes is...
Favorite outfit?
Something you can't own enough of:
Do you have a ton of hoodies?
Most worn color:
Do you do extreme fashion?
Do you sometimes not match one shoe with the other?
What do you think of shoelaces:
Do toe-socks make you feel closed in?
Warmest thing you own:
Are you boyish or girlish style wise?
Favorite jeans:
Do you like hats?
Cowboy hats are...
Top hats are...
Do shoes matter?
Does your mom approve of your clothes?
Fingerless gloves, yes or no:
Ear muffs?:
Fabulous knit hats?:
Whats something that makes or breaks your deal of buying something?
Favorite color to wear:
Your favorite shoes:
Favorite socks:
Finally, could you pull off wearing bright green pants?