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Author: pinkmarmalade
Created: August 7, 2006
Taken: 3,109 times
Rated: G

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r a n d o m n e s s *

Created by pinkmarmalade and taken 3109 times on Bzoink
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r a n d o m
if you had to feed 2O firemen, what would you give them ?
what is karma to you ?
how do you picture the end of the world ?
what do you think your friends/family would say about you at your funeral ?
how old were you when you received your 1st kiss + where were you ?
y e s / n o
i hate pet rocks
i like suprises
i believe in religion
i have solved rubik`s cube
i walk around while brushing my teeth
i am good at improvising
i think education is a priviledge
i find many things quite annoying
i save things
i am often ashamed of my thoughts
i have done things in the past that i regret
i get out of bed right after waking up
i have had sea monkies as pets
i never finish many of the things i start
i lose control during arguments
i hate being photographed
t h i s / t h a t
now / later
either / neither
bored / stressed
horizontal / vertical
blind / deaf
others / yourself
email / letter
! / ?
sun / moon
i f y o u. . .
could live anywhere in the world, where would you live ?
could visit any time period, which one would you visit ?
could have been born a different race, which one would you choose ?
were in prison, what would you do ?
were famous, how would your life be different ?
had the power to change 1 thing in the world, what would it be ?
had a safe, what would you put in it ?
f i n i s h t h e s e n t a n c e
you feel
you see
you hear
you taste
you touch
you love
you hate
you save
you kick
you sleep
you always
you occasionally
you never
you wonder
you want
you lie
you suffer
you fear
you enjoy
you hope
you underestimate
you manipulate
you scream
you forget
you suspect
you distrust
you risk
you maintain
you are
r a n d o m . . . s t r i k e s b a c k
what emotion would you like to slap in the face ?
what sound drives you crazy ?
who is your favorite disney princess ?
who inspire`s you to create ?
do you change your underwear daily ?
do you sit on public toilet seats ?
what would you like your tombstone to say ?
do you realize how much time you waste on these surveys ?
t h e e n d

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