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Author: dontouchme
Created: July 25, 2006
Taken: 29 times
Rated: PG

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First survey.. Might suck...

Created by dontouchme and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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How old are you?
What are you thinking of presently?
Do you miss anyone right now? If so .. Who?
What is one birthday to remember?
Are you single or taken?
Do you enjoy being single or taken?
If not why?
Are you lonely?
Do you wish you could hug someone right now?
Who to do you wish to hug?
If you were to pick and age to stay the rest of your life...what age?
Is there anything in your life making you unhappy?
Do you wish on shooting stars?
What do you mostly wish for?
Do you love someone right now?
If you do what are the number of letters in there name?
What are you thinking about right now?
if you could have any super power what would it be?
what would you say is better... pie or cake?
what are you afraid of in your life right now?
Did you lose anybody you loved recently?
what are your opinions on make believe?
what are your opinions on education?
what do you think of life?
on a scale of 1-10 rate how well ur life is going 10 being greatest
What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
What grade are you in?
do you ever wish for something.. that you know wouldn't happen?
are you depressed?
Do you get along with any of your family members?
if so who?
do you prefer night or day? and why?
who do you feel most comfortable talking to about personal issues?
do you have at least one friend that you can tell everything to?
are you alone most of the time?
do you like to hang out with your friends?
tell me a secret that no body knows
how are you feeling?
what would you do if the person you love died?
do you dress for attention..or dress to be comfortable?
are you hideing anything from anyone?
have you lied to anyone in the past month?
who did you lie to?
do you like your life just the way it is?
what do you hate most about yourself?
what is your favorite kind of ice cream?
fav. thing about school?
fav. clothes?
fav. t.v show?
fav. thing to do?
What do you do when your bored and theres nothing to do?
have you had sex?
if so how was it?
what does your life revolve around?
what do you plan on doing with your future?
do you have any pets?
would you prefer talking to an animal over a person?
have you talked to an ex?
do you miss anyone that used to be in your past?