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Author: lunacyfringe20
Created: July 21, 2006
Taken: 4,721 times
Rated: PG

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Questions About Your Boyfriend ♥

Created by lunacyfringe20 and taken 4721 times on Bzoink
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[1] What's his name?
[2] How old is he?
[3] When's his birthday?
[4] What year was he born in?
[5] Is he older than you?
[6] If so, by how much?
[7] Is he younger than you?
[8] If so, by how much?
[9] Eye color?
[10] Hair color?
[11] Is that his natural color?
[12] Glasses/contacts?
[13] Do you label him anything?
[14] If so, what?
[15] Body type?
[16] Does he have full or thin lips?
[17] Smoke?
[18] Do dr ugs?
[19] Drink?
[20] Physically abusive?
[21] Verbally abusive?
[22] S exually abusive?
[23] Manipulative?
[24] Attention starved?
[25] Obsessed with himself?
[26] Play an instrument?
[27] If so, what?
[28] Romantic?
[29] Vein?
[30] Generous?
[31] Caring?
[32] Giving?
[33] Sweet?
[34] Jealous?
[35] Stubborn?
[36] Easily-angered?
[37] Clingy?
[38] Laid back?
[39] a worry-wart?
[40] Drive?
[41] Live with his parents?
[42] Live with his siblings?
[43] If so, how many?
[44] What are their names?
[45] Have any pets?
[46] Sing to you?
[47] Sing, period?
[48] Play any sports?
[49] If so, what?
[50] Have piercings?
[51] Have tattoos?
[52] How long have you been together?
[53] Have you kissed?
[54] If so, how often?
[55] Do you have a pet name for him?
[56] If so, what?
[57] Does he have a pet name for you?
[58] If so, what?
[59] Do you love him?
[60] What's the sweetest thing he's ever done for you?
[61] What's the sweetest thing he's ever said to you?
[62] What's the sweetest thing he's ever gotten you?
[63] What turns you on about him?
[64] What turns him on about you?
[65] Where did you meet?
[66] How long ago was that?
[67] What was your first impression?
[68] What was his first impression of you?
[69] Was it love at first sight?
[70] Does he call you frequently?
[71] Do you usually call him first or does he usually call you first?
[72] Have you ever been on a date?
[73] How often do you argue?
[74] Do you argue at all?
[75] Does he make your day?
[76] Where was your first kiss?
[77] When was it?
[78] What's your song, if you have one?
[79] Are your engaged or married?
[80] If not, do you want to be?
[81] When's your anniversary?
[82] Does he call you just to say hi?
[83] Do you know where he is right now?
[84] Does he know where you are?
[85] Is it difficult to be without him?
[86] Could you spend your life with him?
[87] Do you like his family?
[88] Does his family like you?
[89] Does your family like him?
[90] Kiss?
[91] Intimate relationship?
[92] Boyfriend?
[93] Love?
[94] S exual experience?
IS HE (a)...
[95] Romantic or prosaic?
[96] Taller or shorter?
[97] Older or younger?
[98] Hot or cute?
[99] Sweet or se xy?
[100] Wild or sober?
[101] Funny or serious?
[102] Mama's boy or rebel?
[103] Scruffy or clean shaven?
[104] Detailed or whole?
[105] Big or small?
[106] Punk or preppy?
[107] ful or lover?
[108] Ho rny or not?
[109] Witty or clueless?