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About This Survey

Author: lover0423
Created: July 19, 2006
Taken: 90 times
Rated: G

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everything you want to tell

Created by lover0423 and taken 90 times on Bzoink
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All about you
hair color
eye color
home town
screen name
your favorites
pro team
tv show
have you ever:
ran a mile without stoping
kissed someone
if yes, who??
kissed two people in the same day
failed a test
been givin a good grade cause you are an athlete
pranked called someone
rolled a house
rolled a teachers house
cleaned a bathroom
jumped off of a moving object
jumped on a really tall object
been pushed into a lake
been kissed for no reason
kissed someone for no reason
finish the sentence
i have a
if i were
the one thing i would not want to tell my crush is
if i could
i wish
really random questions
what kind of shoes are you wearing now
what color is your tongue
are you happy with your life
what would you change
do you think that you are hot
who was the last person:
you kissed
call you
hug you
say i love you to
talk to on the phone for over 10 min.
you missed
to say hey to you
do you:
miss anyone now, who
wish you could talk to them, who
love sports
play sports
last ones
what are you planning to do with your life
what college are you going to