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Author: myth55
Created: July 16, 2006
Taken: 7,135 times
Rated: G

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Da BasketBall Survey

Created by myth55 and taken 7135 times on Bzoink
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How long have u been playin basketball?
Who do you play like/favor on da court?
What is/are your number(s)?
Fave. basketball movie?
Do you have handels?
You ever been dunked on?
Can you dunk?
Are you deadly from beyond da arc?
Do you put ppl on lockdown wit your D?
What sneakers do you play in?
Do you hate practice?
Pick a Clutch:Robert Horry,Kobe Bryant,Tracy McGrady
Fave. And1 streetballer?
Fave. Dime55 streetballer?
Fave. NBA Legend(s)?
Fave. college team(s)?
Fave. college player(s)?
Fave. NBA team(s)?
Fave. NBA player(s)?
Should there be a age minimum in da NBA?
Melo,LBJ,or D-Wade.
Who's your best neighborhood team of 5?(includin' you)
Who's YOUR NBA team of 5?
Pick a Little Big Guy:Earl Boykins,Nate Robinson,Jameer Nelson,T.J. Ford
Pick a Shooter:Micheal Redd,Ray Allen,James Posey,Damon Jones
Lakers of 2000s or Bulls of da 90s?
Sebastian Telfair or Chris Paul?
Which Conf.is da strongest:PAC,BIG 12,ACC,SEC,BIG EAST
Best Dunker you ever played?
Best Ball Handeler you ever played?
Fastest/Quickest player you ever played?
Tallest player you ever played?
Smallest player you ever played?
Sorriest player you ever played?
Da BEST player you ever played?
Should college athelets get paid?
Do you watch WNBA?
Who's you fave. WNBA player(s)?
Do you play in low,mid,or high socks?
Fave. colors to play in?
Do you play in arm bands,head bands,ect.
Whats your vertical?
How many basketball jerseys do u own?
How many J's do you own?
What's your 3 best skills?