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Author: xhugmex
Created: July 11, 2006
Taken: 127 times
Rated: G

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x ABOUT ME x *the new and improved..best version*

Created by xhugmex and taken 127 times on Bzoink
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hair color
eye color
happy with wat u look like
wat is one thing u wish u cld change about urself
have u ever had plastic surgery
do you love them
do they love you
have you had your first kiss yet
how was it
how long have you been dating for
who asked who out
have u said the three little words yet
do you wanna break up with them
would 1 and 10 make a good couple
wat about 3 and 7
do you like any of them
have you ever kissed 4
do you have a crush on 9
are you sure
have you been to a party with 10
who have you known the shortest
does 2 love you
are you and 3 rly similar
is 5 good looking
what about 6
do you love all of them
are they your bffes
wat skl do u go to
do u like it
whats ur label
are you popular
are there any emos or goths
do u have a bf/gf
what grade r u in
who is ur fav teacher
do u go to a single sex skl
private or public
do u hate public skl kids
do u hate private skl kids
This or That
pepsi or coke
hollister or abercrombie
brothers or sisters
boys or girls
hook ups or relationships
pink or blue
monopoly or poker
urban outfitters or forever 21
sexy or hott
bebo or piczo
baseball or lacrosse
the kooks or artic monkeys
make out or kiss on the lips
shorts or skirts
sunglasses or hats