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Author: kitten22
Created: June 23, 2006
Taken: 5,062 times
Rated: PG

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Ultimate Opposite Sex Survey

Created by kitten22 and taken 5062 times on Bzoink
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Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Skin Color:
Harry/Hair less
Long Hair/Short Hair
Clothing Style
Music Genre
Biggest Turn On
Biggest Turn Off
Single or Group Dates
Bad or Goody Goody
Do you have any friends of the Opposite Sex
Are you in a Relationship
Who was the Last person you dated
What is the best quality
Have you ever been cheated on
Have you ever cheated on someone
When was your First serious relationship
Who with
Have you ever had Friends with Benefits
What makes the opposite sex attractive
Do you have a crush
Do you dream about your crush
Is there someone you want to kiss
Have you ever kept a crush super secret
Have you ever done something you regret
Have you ever hurt someone
Has someone ever hurt you
Do you care about money
Were you ever with someone completely opposite of you
Do you miss someone
Whats the first thing you notice about the opposite sex
When did you have your first kiss
Have you ever had a crush on someone that was in a relationship
Have you ever kissed a stranger
What would be your perfect date
Do you perfer holding hands or making out
Whats the best physical attribute
Lost someone
How do you feel about Long distance relationships
Do you want them to be smart
Last one of the opposite sex you talked to
How many people have you dated since January
Do you care if they share your religion
Have you ever said I love you and meant it
Do you believe in love at first sight
Do you think internet relationships can really work
When was the last time you slow danced
How many serious relationships have you had
Does anyone have a crush on you
Do you want to get married
Have you ever stalked someone
Has someone ever stalked you
Have you ever done the love calculator
Would you ever kiss someone in front of your parents
Have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex
Have you ever slept in the same bed as the opposite sex
Have you ever been naked with the opposite sex
Have you ever had sex
Do you bite when you kiss
Do you like being grabbed when you kiss
Would you date someone from another state
Would you be with someone with glasses
Have you kissed someone in a restaurant
Do you care if they drink
Have you ever been called a tease
Have you ever cried over someone who you were just "talking" with
Have you ever liked someone from a different country
Would you play with their hair
Would you do anything for the person you like
Have you ever been called hot
Do you miss a past relationship
Whats really important to have in a relationship
Do you like getting massages
Would you date someone that doubled popped their collars
Do you like to cuddle