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Author: quizletqueenb
Created: June 19, 2006
Taken: 81 times
Rated: G

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*This N' Thats*

Created by quizletqueenb and taken 81 times on Bzoink
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~This N' Thats~
Day or Night
Hot or Cold
Rain or Snow
Sun or Clouds
Summer or Winter
Spring or Fall
Rainforest or Desert
Open Spaces or Closed Spaces
Big house or Little House
Rural or Urban
Contemporary or Modern
Live alone or With Family
Burger King or McDonalds
Dine in or Dine out
Pepsi or Coke
Authentic mexican restaurant or Taco Bell
Sweet or Sour
Salty or Crunchy
Chicken or Pork or Steak
Fruits or Vegies
Healthy or Unhealthy
Fast Food or restaurant
Meals or Snacks
Coffee or Cappachino
Hot Tea or Ice Tea
Popcorn or Carmal Corn
Juice or Milk
Bagel or Toast
Jelly or Jam
Cake or Icecream
Cookies or Brownies
Looks or Smarts
Sexy or Cool
Outgoing or Strict
Romantic or Down to Earth
Jock or Geek
Myspace or TagWorld
Backsteet Boys or N'sync(you have to pick one)
Rap or Pop
Blind or Deaf
Dress to Impress or Dress comfortable
Sports car or Muscle car
Car or Truck
Email or Phone
Attic or Basement
Pirate or Ninja
Clue or Monopoly
Metallica or Britany Spears
Cat or Dog
Carpet or Hardfloors
Paint or Wallpaper
Fire or Water
Good or Evil
Dirtbike or Atv
Star Trek or Star Wars
Lake or Beach
Football or Basketball
Baseball or Softball
Raquetball or Tennis
Cassette or Cd's
Video Tape or DVD's
Dark or Light
Skinny or Fat
David Blane or Criss Angel
Staples or Tacks
Pen or Pencil
Science or History
Language or Math
Amusement Park or Water Park
Book or Magazine
Playdough or Clay
Black or White
Spiders or Bees
Surveys or Quizzes
A lot of friends or a few close ones
Helium Balloons or Water Balloons
Girls or Guys
Christmas or Halloween
Superbowl or World Series
Aliens or Ghosts
Windows or Mac(computer software)
Pete Wentz or Brenden Urie
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