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Author: underagexlovers
Created: June 3, 2006
Taken: 19,169 times
Rated: PG

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B o y f r i e n d s<3

Created by underagexlovers and taken 19169 times on Bzoink
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b oy f r i e n d::b a s i c s<3
What's his name?
How old is he?
What's his middle name?
How tall is he?
How much does he weigh?
What color eyes does he have?
What color hair does he have?
Does he work out?
If so, how much does he bench?
Does he have any piercings?
Does he have any tattoos?
What size ring does he wear?
What size shoe does he wear?
Does he wear boxers or briefs?
What do people usually think when they see him?
Is he an emotional person?
Is he open with you?
Has he ever lied to you?
What about?
Did you forgive him? Why?
How much time do you two usually spend together?
Have you ever hurt him emotionaly?
Do you make him do things he doesn't want to?
w h a t::d o::y o u::t h i n k<3
About his body?
His smile?
His hands?
Do you feel safe in his arms?
Has he ever bought you anything?
Sent you a card?
Gave you flowers?
What's the most romantic thing he's ever done?
Has he made lifetime promises to you?
What's the most special one?
Do you have allll the pictures he's ever given you?
What about the ones of you two together?
What do you think about his ex girlfriends?
Does he still talk to them?
Do they know about you?
Do they like you?
Do you CARE of they like you?
How do you feel about girls hitting on him?
Has a girl hit on him infront of you?
What did you do about it?
Do you compare him to your ex boyfriends?
Has he ever drawn you anything?
Do you two fight a lot?
Who usually says sorry first?
Who's fault is the fight usually?
Do you keep his letters?
Even the envelopes?
Have you ever put lipstick on and kissed the letter?
Has he?
Has he changed since the beginning of your relationship with him?
What's his worst habbit?
Have you tried to stop it?
f u t u r e<3
How long have you two been together?
Do you want to get married?
Have you even talked about it?
What about babies?
Girl name:
Boy name:
Age you'll be when you marry?
Age he'll be when you marry?
What age do you want to become a mommy?
Do you want a boy or a girl first?
Will you two cry?
Are you going to get an appartment or house first?
Do you want to move away from your family?
h a s::h e::e v e r<33
Rubbed your tummy?
Kissed your hand?
Your forehead?
Your tummy?
Your nose?
Your cheek?
Your neck?
Has he ever fought someone for you?
Stick up for you?
Ignored your phone calls?
Yell at you?
Cuss at you?
Hit you?
Throw something at you?
Encourage you?
Just make out in front of your parents?
Cuddle up with you when you needed comfort?
Make you warm?
Go to a drs appiontment with you?
Buy your family xmas presents?
Broken a promise?
Let you do his hair?
Dress him up like a girl?
Let you win a fight?
Cheat on a game so you could win?
h i s::f a v o r i t e <3
Side of the bed:
Thing to sleep in:
Shoes to wear:
Hair style:
Hair color:
Candle scent:
Thing to say:
Time of day:
Kind of weather:
Animal name:
l a s t::t h i n g s<3
Do you think you two make a good couple?
Do you really love him?
Does he really love you?