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Author: hannahemcc
Created: May 20, 2006
Taken: 497 times
Rated: G

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*<3*This Or That*<3*

Created by hannahemcc and taken 497 times on Bzoink
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McDonalds or Burger King?
Coffee or Cappuccino?
Fruits or Vegetables?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Restaurant or Fastfood?
Spicy or Sweet?
Toco Bell or Subway?
Chips or Cookies?
Breakfast or Dinner?
Vegetarian Style or Meat Lover?
Cereal or Toast?
Pancakes or French Toast?
Italian or Mexican?
Pepsi or Coke?
Pants or Shorts?
Sneakers or Flip flops?
Short or Long sleeves?
Curly or Stright hair?
Long or Short hair?
Plain socks or Decorated socks?
Bright or Dark clother?
Jewelry of No jewerly?
Collar or No collar?
Hoodies or Sweatshirts?
Heels or No heels?
Clean or Dirty clothes?
Jeans or Sweatpants?
White or Colored sneakers?
Tall or Short?
Loud or Quiet?
Outgoing or Shy?
Long or Short hair?
Nice or Mean?
Serious of Silly?
Emotional or Cold?
Nerd or Bad Boy?
Blonde or Brunette?
Smart or Stupid?
Fat or Skinny?
Long relationship or Short relationships?
Piercings or Tattoos?
Smoke or Drink?