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Author: ellebabie
Created: May 14, 2006
Taken: 8,320 times
Rated: G

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fill in the blank. i guarantee you will like this one.

Created by ellebabie and taken 8320 times on Bzoink
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My name is:
I am:
Right now, I feel:
The sounds I hear are:
Around me, I see:
I feel most connected to this person:
I think it\'s weird that:
It bothers me when:
The best thing about my personality is:
My worst quality is:
My favorite part about life is:
This is attractive in the opposite sex:
Sometimes, I wonder about:
I usually get bored while:
I'm afraid that:
If someone hates me, I:
I admire:
I wish:
I feel exhilarated when:
I appreciate:
I'll never get over:
The best thing to happen this week was:
I feel fat after:
If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be:
Some people are just so:
I'm optimistic about:
An event like this would traumatize me:
I yearn for:
I'm jealous of:
I trust:
My intuition is usually:
One time, I spontaneously:
I haven't had this feeling in a long time:
I am proud of:
I would never be seen wearing:
The scariest dream I ever had was:
I am annoyed because:
I feel most beautiful when:
I could careless about:
My favorite kind of movie is:
I often get distracted by:
I am eager to:
I'm glad that:
I feel guilty about:
This really hurts:
I've finally made peace with the fact that:
I'm most talkative around:
I was so embarrassed when:
One feeling I hate is:
One feeling I love is: