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About This Survey

Author: blldgbby
Created: May 6, 2006
Taken: 71 times
Rated: G

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Neopets-- The Ultimate Survey

Created by blldgbby and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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The Basics
So... what's your username?
How many months have you been playing?
How many pets do you have?
Got any side accounts?
First username?
First pet?
Most recent username?
Most recent pet?
How many NPs do you currently have?
NPs and Games
How many NPs are you currently carrying?
How many in your bank?
Shop till?
Do you make your NPs from games, restocking, sniping, stocks, what?
What's your favorite game?
Least favorite game?
How many NPs do you make per day?
How many NPs do you spend per day?
Are you a good saver, or do you waste it all?
Pets and Petpets
What was your first pet?
What was your first petpet?
Most recent pet?
Most recent petpet?
Have you ever painted a pet yourself?
How about adopted a painted pet from the pound?
Do your pets and petpets have good names, with no numbers or underscores?
Do you like to match pets and petpets?
What's your favorite species of pet?
What's your favorite type of petpet?
How many pets do you have, side account pets included?
How many avvies do you currently have?
Are you an avatar fanatic, or just collect them for the heck of it?
Which avatar are you currently using?
Which avatar is your newest?
What's your favorite avatar?
How about least favorite avatar?
Which avatar are you working on getting?
Got any game avatars?
How about avatars that require rare items?
Do you ever paint a pet a certain color just for an avvie?
Ever been lent an avvie item for free?
Do you feel like a loser when you use defaults or clickables?
How many painted pets do you own?
Did you paint them all yourself?
If you got some from the pound, did you apply for them or snipe them?
Do you use your starter brushes right away or save them?
Ever used a petpet paint brush?
Which paint brush is your favorite?
Which petpet paint brush is your favorite?
Any paint brushes you don't like?
Petpet paint brushes you don't like?
The Lab Ray
Do you have access to the lab ray?
How about the petpet lab ray?
Got the Pwned by the lab avatar?
How about the pile of soot petpet lab avatar?
Best zap from the lab ray?
Best zap from the petpet lab ray?
Worst zap from the lab ray?
Worst zap from the petpet lab ray?
Ever try to target zap?
If so, how did it work out?
Did you buy the whole set together, or each piece individually?
Do you think the lab ray is worth it?
Are you in a guild?
If so, which one?
Are the people in your guild your friends?
How many of your real life friends play Neopets?
How many neofriends do you have?
Got any chat groups you talk to on the boards?
Who is your best neofriend?
Do you ever send them presents?
Do they ever send you presents?
Are they all your friends, or do you add random people so the list is long?
Are your Neofriend requests open or closed?
Ever met a neofriend in real life that wasn't your friend before Neo?
Graphics and Artwork
Do you use premade lookups?
If so, which websites do you get them from?
Do you know any HTML?
Ever made your own lookup?
Has your pet ever been entered in the Beauty Contest?
If so, did he/she win?
Ever won the art contest?
If so, what was your prize?
Roleplay status: open or closed?
Do you prefer anthro or quad?
Do your pets have any friends?
Were the friends made through roleplay?
Do you feed your pets daily?
Give them toys?
Groom them?
If they're sick, do you heal them?
To finish this survey..
Do you love Neopets?
Do you have Premium?
Are you totally addicted?