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Author: xx-bex-xx
Created: May 6, 2006
Taken: 93 times
Rated: G

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Final Fantasy 7 (50 questions)

Created by xx-bex-xx and taken 93 times on Bzoink
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Cloud or Sephiroth?
Aeris or Tifa?
Barret or Vincent?
Red XIII or Cait Sith?
Reno or Rude?
Better storyline, cloud or sephiroth?
Best magic?
Best summon?
Best support?
Best independant?
Best command?
Limit breaks
Omnislash or Chaos?
Cosmo memory or All creation?
Castastrophe or dice?
Was there any point in aeris having great gospel?
If yes, why?
Meaning the easiest...
Materia keeper or Red dragon?
Demons gate or Schizo?
Carry armour or proud clod?
Safer sephiroth or all the jenovas put together?
Best FMV!
Aeris dying or aeris funeral?
Escaping shinra (motorbike scene) or the weapons being released?
End FMV or sephiroth in the flames?
Ragnarok or ultima weapon?
Pile banger or missing score?
Cent clip or limited moon?
Master fist or premium heart?
Dragoon lance or venus gospel?
Long barrel R or death penalty?
Enemy skill
L4 Suicide or Laser?
Aqualung or Trine?
White wind or angel whisper?
Shadow flare or Pandoras box?
Funnyest..... frog song or magic hammer?
Most annoying status
Sleep or petrify?
Fury or confusion?
Small or frog?
Yes or no
Aeris dying?
Master tonberrys and magic pots existing.......?