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Author: stonypony
Created: April 25, 2006
Taken: 6,334 times
Rated: PG

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Perfect Guy Survey (with questions that actually matter)

Created by stonypony and taken 6334 times on Bzoink
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Appearance- because looks are first impression.
What should be the impression given by his overall appearance?
What would be his ideal hair color?
What would be his ideal eye color?
What race would you prefer?
What should his complection be like?
Around how tall should he be?
What body type?
How should he dress?
What hair length do you prefer?
Do you like hats on men?
Should he be neat and clean or a greaser?
Are there any traits you find partiuclarly attractive?
Are there any traits you find particularly unattractive?
Are there any physical traits I've missed, but you feel should be mentioned
Age and Economic Status- Things everyone thinks about.
What age range are you looking for?
Does his economic status matter?
Personality- The important stuff it takes a while to find out.
What is the single most important personality trait you look for?
What personality trait do you find most unpleasant?
What are some areas of interest you would like him to share with you?
Is sense of humor important to you? Elaborate.
Do you want a man with a protective personality?
What kind of movies would you want to watch with him?
What kind of music would you want to listen to with him?
What activities would you like to share with him?
Would you object to a passion for sports?
Would you get jealous when he goes out with the guys?
Should he know what you're feeling without you telling him?
Is it important to you that he buy you gifts?
Is it important to you that he spend a lot of time with you?
Is his level of intelligence important?
Would you want him to be smarter than you?
Would you want him to be your provider?
Would he be aggressive?
Would he be ambitious?
Would he be tactful or blunt?
Is it important that he have a spirit of adventure?
Would you prefer a higly domestic man?
Life Goals- For when it gets serious.
Do you want children?
Do you expect to be a stay-at-home mom?
Would you ever want to be a 'housewife'?
What are your career goals?
Would it bother you if his career involved a lot of travel or long hours?
Would you object to him being a workaholic?
If he has a low paying or menial job, are you still interested?
Are you looking for marriage?
In what country would you like to live?
In what state, if U.S.?
Would you like to live in the city, country, or suburbs?
Would you want him to work close to home or commmute?
If you had to pick one or the other: is he a good father or a good husband?
If it came down to you or 'the baby', which would you have him choose?
If you wish to have children, how many do you wish to have?
What automobile would you want the two of you to have?
Conservative or liberal?
Are politics important to you?
Beliefs- the REALLY important stuff.
What is your religion?
Is it important that he shares your beliefs?
Would you have a relationship with someone from a different belief system?
What would you do if, after marriage, he changed his belief system?
Does your belief system allow for divorce?
Does your belief system allow abortion?
Morning-after pill?
Does your belief system demand fidelity?
Would you want to be his first?
If you have different belief systems, which would be taught to any progeny?
Would you celebrate Christian holidays?
Other holidays?
Would you celebrate with your family or his?
Finally- stuff that didn't fit anywhere else.
What kind of wedding do you want?
Do you want pets? If so, what kinds?
Would you want him to be a college graduate?
What sort of background/childhood would you prefer he come from?
Is it important that he likes books?
Does he like Green Day?