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Author: lobster-in-a-toga
Created: April 17, 2006
Taken: 223 times
Rated: G

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An Interesting Have-You-Ever Survey!

Created by lobster-in-a-toga and taken 223 times on Bzoink
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Here we go...
Have you ever...?
Climbed a tree?
Played baseball with a stick?
Used a belt as a dog leash?
Driven a 4-wheeler?
Been a passenger on a 4-wheeler?
Been in an airplane?
Ridden a horse?
Fallen from a horse?
Gone swimming in the ocean?
Used calligraphy pens?
Drawn on your hands because you were bored?
Let someone else draw on your hands?
Done the above and were shocked when you saw what they drew?
Spit on the ground?
Played Red Rover?
Slipped on ice and fallen on your bum?
Run into something on your bicycle and gone over the handlebars?
Seen a tornado?
Seen a waterspout?
Seen a hurricane?
Seen a place where lightning actually struck the ground?
Played in a cornfield?
Walked in a dark alley at night?
Gone bowling?
Played golf?
Played mini golf?
Touched a rat?
Touched a spider?
Seen a wolf?
Seen a wild deer?
Petted a living deer?
Driven a car?
Driven a car on the road?
Failed a learner's/license test?
Taken a foreign language?
Eaten sushi?
Made a snowstorm with bits of paper?
Screamed in a library?
Shoved someone into a locker?
Played frisbee?
Been on a roller coaster?
Gone down a water slide?
Tried to surf?
Seen a shark?
Seen a wild dolphin?
Been to SeaWorld?
Been to some other aquarium?
Held a snake around your neck?
Worked at a restaurant?
Eaten a whole pizza?
Written a letter to someone?
Done something really nice to a teacher?
Done something really mean to a teacher?
Made a teacher quit his or her job?
Felt bad about doing the above?
Had a waterballoon fight?
Shot a gun?
Shot a bow and arrow?
Owned a pocketknife?
Watched "Napoleon Dynamite"?
Held a bird on your shoulder?
Seen a duck up close?
Seen a chicken up close?
Seen a cow up close?
Seen a donkey or mule up close?
Seen a baby horse?
Seen a baby cow?
Held a baby chicken/duck/goose?
Worn spiffin' plaid shorts?
Had a pair of big sunglasses?
Gotten lost in the woods?
Gone for a really long hike?
Caught a frog?
Kissed one of your animals on the nose/lips?
Gone out in your pajamas?
Sent an e-mail to a politician (or someone similar)?
Sang the national anthem?
Removed your hat for the national anthem?
Visited another country?
Visited another state?
Visited another planet? :)
Played in the mud?
Pushed someone into a body of water or into the mud?
Found an arrowhead?
Jumped into a body of water with all of your clothes on?
Found a fossil?
Found some kind of artifact?
Gotten a rash from poison ivy?
Been stung by a bee?
Been boating?
Been on an island?
Broken a coconut and eaten it?
Thrown your shoe at someone?
Hit someone?
Hit someone forcefully?
Thrown things at a teacher?
Broken a bone?
Torn a muscle?
Gotten a really bad bruise?
Tripped over nothing?
Tripped in front of a lot of people?
Skipped school?
Cooked dinner?
Grown fruits, vegetables, or herbs?
Spent most of the day online?
Spent most of the day on the phone?
Drawn a picture for someone?
Used an exacto knife?
Used a telescope?
Used binoculars?
Used them for scientific purposes?
Had one of those candy necklaces?
Made pancakes?
Eaten at the "Waffle House"?
Tried on your dog's collar?
Eaten pet food?
Pretended to be an animal?
Used chopsticks to eat?
Sucked up something in a vacuum by accident?
Taken a bite out of a rotten apple?
Visited an art gallery?
Been to the beach?
Jumped off a dock?
Been to a boating club?
Been to a motocross race?
Been to a horse track?
Cooked spaghetti?
Cooked a pizza from scratch?
Made things out of aluminum foil?
Eaten tofu?
Thrown something other than a basketball through a basketball hoop?
Worn a cowboy hat?
Tried to shoot someone with a stapler?
Stuck post-it notes everywhere?
Failed a test?
Gotten a perfect score on a big test?
Made muffins?
Worn a lampshade on your head?
Played with a toilet plunger?
Plungered someone with a toilet plunger?
Accidentally put something metal in the microwave?
Lit something on fire?
Lit something on fire with a magnifying glass?
Chopped vegetables?
Eaten REALLY spicy food?
Tried feta cheese?
Gone to summer camp?
Won a contest?
Worn glasses?
Worn contacts?
Had something really heavy fall on your foot?
Used a lantern for light?
Played a practical joke on someone?
Had a person play a practical joke on you?
Tested a practical joke on yourself to see how it would turn out?
Been to a bonfire?
Been to a really big party?
Planted a garden?
Seen an animal, human or not, born?
Walked through the woods in the dark without a flashlight?
Taken loads of surveys out of boredom?
Kept a journal?
Thought that aliens might abduct you?
Played badminton?
Danced with someone?
Been to a wedding?
Been to a funeral?
Worn a toga?
Had a picture taken while in a toga?
Raked leaves?
Swept the floor?
Done the dishes?
Made a stepping stone out of concrete?
Made a sandcastle?
Dug a really big hole and buried someone at the beach?