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Author: beindthecurtain
Created: June 29, 2004
Taken: 63,325 times
Rated: G

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Measure Your Fears - Would You, Wouldn't You, You Did

Created by beindthecurtain and taken 63325 times on Bzoink
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Pet a snake
Spend a week in an empty room
Ride in a hot-air balloon
Sky dive
Sing in front of a huge audience
scuba dive
Sit in the front seat of a roller coaster
Deliver a baby
Swim across the Amazon River
Change careers
Disappear for a long period of time
Walk through the forest alone at night
Join a space mission
Tell everyone what you honestly think of them
Call off your wedding
Walk naked through New York City for 10 minutes during rush hour
Walk up to Mike Tyson and call him a girl
Disarm a bomb
CLean the outside windows of a skyscraper
Draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa with a permanent marker
Go on tour with Elvis
Go swimming during a thunder storm
Preform surgury on your best friend