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Author: julenka
Created: April 4, 2006
Taken: 719 times
Rated: PG

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W@NN@ kNOw ME, Th@N Re@D Thi$

Created by julenka and taken 719 times on Bzoink
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@BouT ME
full name
current loccation
future location
zodiac sign
fav song
ur most overused phrase
right/left handed
ur school
describe ur personality in 2-3 words
u r shy/outgoing
do u look down on others
do u make fun of others
u get depressed of
r u spoiled
r u rude
ur physical feature
goal u would like to achieve this year
ur best physical feature
do u cinsider urself popular
can u stay up whole night without sleep
whats the meanest thing anyone has evr done for u
whats the nicest thing anyone has ever done for u
u r best at
u r worst at
H@Ve u EVeR... (why/what)
laughed so hard u cried
written a song
sang to someone for no reason
perfomed an a stage
ur F@VoRiTe
# number #
celebrity person
* F * R * I * E* N * D * S *
ur best fiend
estimate how many friends u have
name a few
do u make friends easily
friend u know the longest
friend who knows u best
friend u know best
most outgoing
always the life of the party
person who u trust the most
who is always able to cheer u up when u are sad
who do u talk the most on phone
* who is th BEST *
person to see every day
person to drink with
person to laugh with
* s * c * h * o * o * L *
who is ur least fav teacher
what is something u remember from ur 8-10 classes
do u hate anyone among seniors
do u like anyone among seniors
whats ur least fav class
whats song riminds u of ur 9th class
Wh@Ts the l@st..(why/what)
time u cried
time u laughed
movie u watched cryin
joke u told
fInISh it
if I were
I wish
so many ppl dont know that
I am
my soul is
last person u...
thought about
said I love u to
shared a secret with
couldnt stop thinkin about
******* random *******
do u believe luv at first sight exists
do u believe that u can change someone,why
have u ever had ur heart broken
what would u say about all ur ex*s
who was u fav
if u could go back in time to one point in ur life where would u go
what was the last lie u said
whats ur fav childhood memory
just best memory
worst memory
do u have a collection of anything
thing to do when bored
can u roll ur toung in a circle
write with 2 hands
*** NOW ***
what r u doin besides this survey
how do u feel
what r u wearing
what r u thinkin about
where r u right now
ur plans 4 today