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Author: xtoolarmy
Created: March 27, 2006
Taken: 290 times
Rated: G

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Zodiac Survey

Created by xtoolarmy and taken 290 times on Bzoink
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What is your DOB?::
What is your sun sign?::
What element is your sign?::
What house is your sign?::
What are your sign's positive traits?::
What are your sign's negative traits?::
Do you think you fit your sign well?::
How does being whatever sign you are affect your life or outlook on life?::
What is your moon sign?::
Mercury is in what sign?::
Venus is in what sign?::
Mars is in what sign?::
Jupiter is in what sign?::
Saturn is in what sign?::
Uranus is in what sign?::
Neptune is in what sign?::
Pluto is in what sign?::
Lilith is in what sign?::
Asc node is in what sign?::
What is you Rising Sign(Ascendant,1st house)?(personality)::
What sign is in your 2nd house?(Material values and security)::
What sign is in your 3rd house?(learning and communication)::
What sign is in your 4th house?(home base of operation)::
What sign is in your 5th house?(Recreation and creativeness)::
What sign is in your 6th house?(Work,duty and service)::
What sign is in your 7th house?(Relationships and marriage)::
What sign is in your 8th house?(Needs,secrets,joint resources)::
What sign is in your 9th house?(Travel,religion,philosophy)::
What sign is in your 10th house?(Career,prestige,reputation)::
What is your Midheaven,or 11th house?(Friends,associations,ideals)::
What sign is in your 12th house?(Hidden,subconcious issues)::
What signs are the majority of your friends?::
What signs are your parents?::
Pets maybe?::
What signs are you astrologically the most compatible with?::
What signs do you believe you are the most compatible with?::
What signs are you the least compatible with?::
What signs tend to get on your nerves?::
Are there any musicians,singers,actors or writers that share your sign?::
How about friends or relatives?::
What is something people think about your sign that isn't true?::
Can you tell what someone's sign is by talking to them,or looking at them?:
Does your sign ever interfere with how you deal with others in a bad way?::
What effect did your parents signs have on you?::
Do you like being whatever sign you are?::
What sign do you think is the best?::
How about artistic?::
What sign do you think is the most realistic?::
Most unrealistic?::
Most talkative?::
Least talkative?::
Most reflective?::
Most outgoing?::
Most introverted?::
Most extroverted?::
What is the sign of someone who you strongly dislike?::
What represents your sign?::
What time were you born?::
What is your Chinese Zodiac sign?::
Fixed,mutable or cardinal?::
Do you really believe in astrology?::
Want sign do you think is the coolest?::
Most romantic?::
Most sexual?::
Are there any people who you dislike that share your sign?::
Write what you think about these signs:::Ex:Leo:Generous,romantic,dramtic
--More random stuff--
Do you know the difference between a birthstone and a starstone?::
If so,what is your birthstone and what is your starstone?::
What is your ruling planet?::
What sign would you hope to be if you weren't what you are?::
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?::
If so,what is their sign?::
What lyrics do you think relate to your sign?::
Does/did the writer of that song share your sign?::
How about characters?(can be from anything)::
Do those characters share your sign that you know of?::
Who do you believe you'll marry?(ex.Pisces,Leo)::
What signs do you hear the most of,or know the most of?::
How about least?::
What are some things not said about your sign that should be said?::
Do you think you fit your sign perfectly?::
Or not at all?::
What do you plan on doing when you get out of school,or what do you do?::
Do you think your sign has anything to do with your choice?::
How about music?What kind do you like?::
Do you think your sign has anything to do with that?::
Do you have trouble communicating or anything?State what::
If so,do you think your sign has anything to do with it?::
What are your favorite colors?::
Are they your sign's colors?::
Are you jealous of any signs?::
If so,state why::
Can you spot a Scorpio by their myseriousness or eyes?::
A Capricorn by their introvertedness,soft spoken-ness,or eyes?::
A Leo by their extroverdedness and good taste?::
A Gemini by their communication skills?::
A Sag by their optimism,humor or kindness?::
How about a Cancer by their sweet tooth?::
What signs can't you stand?::
What signs do you love?::
And lastly,say something about yourself::