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Author: mightymav
Created: March 11, 2006
Taken: 3,210 times
Rated: G

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Happy Birthday Survey

Created by mightymav and taken 3210 times on Bzoink
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About the Bday Girl
Today's Date:
How old did you turn?
How old do you feel?
Where are you today?
Going to do anything special?
With whom?
Who was the first to tell you Happy bday today?
Do you love this person?
What are they getting for you?
The day you were born
What day of the week was it?
Did anything exciting happen that day?
Really? Wow give us the story:
How much did you weigh?
Who was at the hospital?
Did you already have big brothers/sisters?
Birthday Wishes
Who is the person you wish could spend your bday with you but they can't?
What big ticket gift are you wishing for?
What are you going to wish for when you blow out the candles?
What is your wish for the coming year?
Yay! its your birthday!!!