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Author: hikingboots
Created: March 10, 2006
Taken: 1,849 times
Rated: G

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Pregnant and Waiting

Created by hikingboots and taken 1849 times on Bzoink
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Current Age
Weight before pregnancy
Current Weight
Dad's Name
Dad's Birthdate
Dad's Age
Dad's Height
Dad's Weight before pregnancy
Dad's Current Weight
When did you find out your were pregnant
What was your reaction
Who did you tell first about the pregnancy
Date of Conception
Due Date
Was the pregnancy planned
How did your parents react
How did his parents react
Did you go to the doctor yet
Did you have your first ultrasound
Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl
How is the baby's movement
How is the baby's heartbeat
Baby's name
Who do you think the baby will look like
Mom to be's favorite foods
Mom to be's latest cravings
Mom to be's latest "mom" moment
What was the first change you noticed in your body
What was the latest change in your body
What is your sleep schedule
What is your work schedule
What is the last thing you bought for the baby
What was the last thing you bought for yourself
Planned birth place
Who will be in the room with you
Are you scared
Are you going to use drugs
How do you think you will react
How do you think the father will react
Have you started birthing classes
What is the nursery theme
Are you going to breastfeed? in public