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Author: xph1l
Created: December 3, 2003
Taken: 1,507 times
Rated: G

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BAND vs. BAND; take your pick.

Created by xph1l and taken 1507 times on Bzoink
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Atreyu vs. Zao
Daughters vs. Charles Bronson
Sparta vs. Billy Talent
Every Time I Die vs. Give Up The Ghost
The Mars Volta vs. I Hate Myself
Alexisonfire vs. Underoath
The Blood Brothers vs. Cirlce Takes The Square
The Bled vs. pg. 99
Saetia vs. Holy Molar
Q and not U vs. These Arms Are Snakes
The Postal Service vs. The Faint
Arab on Radar vs. Melt Banana
36 Crazy Fists vs. Glassjaw
Modest Mouse vs. Armor For Sleep
Brand New vs. Saves The Day