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Author: babygurllaur42
Created: June 11, 2004
Taken: 127 times
Rated: G

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U n Ur World According To U

Created by babygurllaur42 and taken 127 times on Bzoink
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ThE BaSiCs
~Name Please~
~Shoe Size~
Ur FaVoRiTeS
~tv show~
~time of day~
~day of the week~
~ice cream~
If U hAd To ChOoSe..
Britney or Christina?
Tuna or Chicken?
Mary Kate or Ashley?
Pepsi or Coke?
Diet or Regular?
Rap or Rock?
Love or Money?
Me or You?
Friends or ur bf/gf?
The Oc or One Tree Hill?
Mtv or Vh1?
~If u r a guy,best girl friend..if girl-ur best guy friend?
~Best Singer?
~Most Athletic?
~Most Optimistic?
~Most Pessimistic?
~One u have known the longest?
Oo La La..
~dating any1?
~if so who?
~if so do u wanna?
~Who do u like?
~Have u ever been in luv?
~if so with who?
~Have u ever kissed a guy/girl?
~If so...who?
~Have u ever made out with a guy/girl?
~if so with who?
~Do u luv me?
~HEhe...okay now who was the last person to ask u out?
~Have u ever been heartbroken?
Oh ThE RaNdoMnEsS
~Have u ever regretted anything and if so wut was it?
~do u like harry potter?
~do u believe in miracles?
~do u believe in fairies?
~do u believe in love at first sight?
QuEstIons I wAnnA kNo
Do u believe in santa?
~Wut Grade r U in?
~R u Lonely?
~Have u ever been to canada?
~Have u ever been out of the country?
ThE End
~Did u like this?
~r u bored?
do u wish this would end?
well arent u the lucky kid