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Author: drzqbanitaqt
Created: February 13, 2006
Taken: 49 times
Rated: PG

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FinaLLii, a DiFFeRenT suRVeY!! :]

Created by drzqbanitaqt and taken 49 times on Bzoink
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[[::..iight now da basikz..::]]
what's ur name?
ur height?
ur weight?
ur hair color?
the color of ur eyes?
ur style? (urban, vintage, preppy, ghetto...lol)
!!have u everz!!
kissed ur friends man?
fell inlove with someone, and they never knew it?
thought of plastic surgery?
faught someone over a guy/girl?
[[::..what about now..::]]
ur single/taken?
are you in school?
what are u doing right now?
what r u wearing?
who's on ur mind?
who u hate?
what do u like most about YOU?
what about ur partner?
do u have a most missed memory?
where do u wanna live in the future?
what do u wanna be in the future?
do u believe in urself?
do u trust ur friends?
what about ur partner?
what's ur nationality?
[[::..what's ur favS..::]]
place to be
city to live in
picture in ur room
clothing brand
..::how much::..
money u have?
books u own?
cds u have?
picture frames u have up?
survey have u taken in the past month?
phone calles u get a day?
mail u get a week?
ppl tell u that u look good in a day?
dvds u own?
kicks u have?
photo albums do u have?
bank cards do u own?
books did u read?
<<~~iight the ending~~>>
have any kids?
love you family?
watch maury!!? (lol)
hit someone for mistake and really hurt them? hehe
have u ever faught ur partner or ex?
have u ever snuck the car out in the middle of the night?
ever broke anyones heart?
ever told any1 its over and didn't mean it?
how many tattoo's and piercing do u have?
ever liked the same sex?
last but not least.....(drum roll)...did u like dis survey?