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Author: deathbygummibear
Created: June 9, 2004
Taken: 161 times
Rated: PG

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Created by deathbygummibear and taken 161 times on Bzoink
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[1] crushes
who was your first BIG crush?
when and for how long did you have a crush on him/her?
are you still crushing on him/her?
did you ever date him/her?
any other crushes of note?
who is your current crush?
do you think you have a chance with him/her?
[2] dating
when, where, and with whom was your first date?
how long did you go out with him/her?
are you still dating?
what was your favorite date ever?
what would your ideal date be?
have you been to prom? describe it.
[3] hugs, holding hands, etc.
who was the last person you hugged?
which is better: hugs or kisses?
are you one of those people who hugs everyone?
are PDAs allowed at your school?
in fifteen words or less, describe the feeling you get from being hugged.
who do you wish you could hug right now and why?
[4] kisses
who was the first person you kissed?
did you like your first kiss?
where and when did it happen?
do you like french kissing?
would you kiss someone you didn't know?
who was the last person you kissed?
[5] sex
is love all about sex?
do you believe in sex before marriage?
which is better: sex or true love?
would you have sex with someone you weren't in love with?
have you had sex? if so, did you love your partner?
[5] do you believe in . . .
love at first sight?
soul mates?
gay marriage?
[6] other
which is better: platonic love or romantic love?
do you believe some people are incapable of love?
is there an age limit you must reach before you can truly love?
how do you know when you are in love?