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Author: renegadeangel
Created: February 5, 2006
Taken: 615 times
Rated: PG

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Kiss and Tell

Created by renegadeangel and taken 615 times on Bzoink
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Kiss and Tell
Sexual Orientation
The Kissed
How many people have you kissed in the past?
Have you kissed anyone of the same sex?
Name them (include current significant other, if you have one)
Have you kissed any of them under the influence of drugs?
Did you date the any of the people you kissed?
The Award Goes To...
Who was your first kiss?
Where was it?
Who was the most physically attractive?
Who took you out on the best date?
Who was the cheapest?
Who is the oldest?
Who is the youngest?
Who cuddled the most?
The least?
Who drank the most?
Who was on drugs?
Who dressed the nicest?
The most mature?
The least mature?
Least physically attractive?
Who works out?
Who has the best book smarts?
Street Smarts?
The Kisses Themselves
Who was the best kisser?
Describe it
Who was the worst kisser?
Describe it
Was there one that started off bad, but got better the more you kissed?
Who kissed your neck the best?
The worst?
Who did you share the most romantic kiss with?
The least romantic?
Did you sleep in the same bed with any of them?
If so, who?
Did you have sex with any of them?
If so, who?
If you didn't have sex with them, who have you gone the farthest with?
In the End...
Would you go back to any of them?
Do you regret any of the things you've done with them?
Do you miss any of them?
Do you think you made a lasting impact on them?