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Author: FlowerPowerer
Created: May 30, 2004
Taken: 86 times
Rated: PG

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Flower's Survey Of Awesome-and-long-ness Part Two

Created by FlowerPowerer and taken 86 times on Bzoink
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Did you take my first survey?
Who the hell are you?
?yuo era dlo woh
Do you like Rock 'N' Roll?
What food scares you?
Do you know how to whittle?
Are you psychic?
Did you know I was going to ask you that?
What's your favorite pizza topping?
Isn't pizza grody?!
How symmetrical are you?
Circles or Squares?
Have you ever broken a world record?
Have you ever kidnapped someone?
Recite a poem for me.
When's the last time you went pee?
Are you on a diet?
Are you a hairy old man?
Are you rich?
How much money do you have?
Where do you keep it all?
Are you psychopathic?
Do you ride a bus?
Did you go to kindergarten?
Do you have a hobby?
Is Italian food good?
What size shoe do you wear?
What's your logo look like?
How many Caucasian friends do you have?
How many Hispanic/Latino friends do you have?
How many Japanese friends do you have?
How many Chinese friends do you have?
How many African/African-American friends do you have?
How many Native American friends do you have?
How many Pacific Islander friends do you have?
How many Indian/Pakistani friends do you have?
How many OTHER ASIAN friends do you have?
What's the weather like, eh?
Is there a war going on?
How many people do you see at this very second?
Is there a main sporting even going on today?
Who will win?
What did they talk about on Jerry Springer today?
Do you want to be an astronaut?
Do you want to be an oil tycoon?
Do you want to be an oil typhoon?
...did you ever win the lottery?
Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Have you ever had an oppurtunity to fake an orgasm?
How was the last person who called you?
What do you think about the moon?
What's your horoscope?
Who's birthday is today?
Have you ever eaten furniture?
Have you killed a fly today?
Can you get into the lotus position?
Que hora es?
Did you have an apple today?
Did you keep the doctor away?
Do you like balloons?
Who DOESN'T like balloons?
Are you from the wrong side of the tracks?
.. ... / - .... .- - / .- / .-. .. ..-. .-.. .?
Morse code is fun, eh?
How big are your biceps?
Do you feel like screaming?
What currency does Bangladesh use?
Do you like to peel potatoes?
Am I included in your will?
Are you humble?
I am.
That was close, eh?
You could have gotten cancer, right?
Are you an alien?
Can you rap?
What's the last swear word you said?
Who is Jesus?
Do you have eight dollars in your possession?
Do you pay your taxes?
Do you pay your taxes fairly?
When's the last time you went poo?
Who's your favorite relative?
Have you ever lied about your past?
Do you sing in tune?
Are you in a chat room right now?
Who are you talking to?
Have you ever grafitti'd something?
What foot do you get out of bed on?
Are you a mean person?
How far back can you trace your family tree?
Name a movie beginning with "F"
Do you like bananas?
Are you above the law?
How long do you sleep at night?
Should I make ANOTHER survey?
Comment in flowerful's livejournal about the survey.