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Author: didutakemybong
Created: January 9, 2006
Taken: 202 times
Rated: PG

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Created by didutakemybong and taken 202 times on Bzoink
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whats your name
your nickname?
do you like it?
who came up with it?
do you like pandas?
what do your eyes look like?
and your hair?
how tall are you?
are you religious?
whose your best friend(s)?
do you love your parents?
do you have a dog or a pet for that matter?
do you watch family guy?
do you like grape juice?
what do you think about brad and jen and angelina?
what color is your toothbrush?
do you smoke cigarettes?
will you quit?
have you been to the beach lately?
have you ever watched nip tuck?
who was the last person you kissed?
last person you saw?
last person you talked to?
last person you got annoyed with?
do you have a job?
do you like it?
do you make good money?
do you like jack in the box?
ever played the computer game wow aka world of warcraft?
who do you miss?
why do you miss them?
do you watch the oc?
laguna beach?
have you been in love?
are you know?
are you single?
how come?
whats your favorite sandwich?
do you like smoothies?
have you ever pretended to be something youre not?
are you in school?
do you dye your hair?
do you have a car?
whats your dream car?
whats your dream job?
do you like james bond?
batman, spiderman, or superman?
how do you feel about gay marrige?
have you ever paid for something in all change?
do you like geord bush?
have you seen donnie darko?
requiem for a dream?
boondock saints?
pulp fiction?
do you own an umbrella?
where do you live?
do you like it?
rootbeer or raspberry ice tea?
herbs or brews?