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Author: ugliestduckling
Created: December 18, 2005
Taken: 139,807 times
Rated: G

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Of Your Friends...

Created by ugliestduckling and taken 139807 times on Bzoink
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List 10 Of Your Friends (Any Gender) Below
Now Answer The Questions Below Referring To The Friends You Listed Above.
How long have you known 1?
Have you been to 8's house?
Do you like 6?
Are 4 and 10 friends?
Have you been to 3's house?
Would you ever live with 5?
When was the last time you talked to 4?
Would 1 and 6 make a good couple?
How about 8 and 10?
Have you ever dreamt about 2?
Have you ever slept with 9?
Is 7 attractive?
Do you love 4?
Would you ever cuddle with 1?
Would you ever kiss 3?
What do you like best about 6?
Have you ever had a crush on 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9?
Do you ever wish you never met 3?
How did you meet 5?
Has 2 seen you naked?
Have you seen 2 naked?
Who is taller? 5 or 10?
Have you met 4's family?
Would you ever go out with 3?
Do you think 7 is funny?
What about 6?
Where was the last place you went with 1?
When was the last time you hung out with 2?
Where do you want to take 3?
When do you want to see 4?
Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
Have 7 and 8 ever kissed?
Would 9 or 10 ever live together?
Would you let 3 have your baby?
Have you ever told 1 a deep dark secret?
Has 1 ever told you a secret?
Would you runaway with 6?
Who was the last person 9 kissed?
Who was the last person 7 hugged?
What word or phrase does 5 say alot?
Does 6 make you laugh?
Does 2 ever annoy you?
When did you last call 4?
Do you ever talk to 3 online?
What about 2?
Does 10 smell bad?
Does 1 smell nice?
Are 1 and 8 friends?