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Author: caliblondie89
Created: December 6, 2005
Taken: 287 times
Rated: G

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hella random stuff that uve never been asked!!!

Created by caliblondie89 and taken 287 times on Bzoink
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rAnDoM sTuFf
wat color r ur socks?
wats ur fav. flavor of lollipop?
which came first: the chicken or the egg?
do u believe in evolution or god?
do u like ur house?
how many bedrooms is it?
do u have a pool or spa?
do u like baths or showers better?
wat grade r u in?
do u have a myspace?
is myspace not THE coolest thing ever?
do u like cherries in ur coke?
do u kno who bill bojangles is?
wats ur fav. elective?