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Author: yeahchloe
Created: November 19, 2005
Taken: 58 times
Rated: PG

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Created by yeahchloe and taken 58 times on Bzoink
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male or female
lets get started first favorites between these things
mean girls or heathers
benny n joon or the other sister
the jetsons or the flintstones
moon or sun
dark or light
day or night
cell phones or home phone
web cam or digital cam
johnny depp or johnny knoxville
red or black
pets or kids
club or bar
beer or fancy name drinks
sidekick 2 or blackberry
about the opposite sex
tall or short
blonde or brown hair
skinny or muscles
does that person kiss on the first date?
does that person put out on the first date?
does that person call u just to say hi?
have u made out with that person?
had sex?
do u love that person?
best friend of opposite sex?
enemy of the opposite sex?
last part
where do u wanna be right now?
where do u see urself in 5 years?
do u believe in urself?
if u were a superhero who would u be?
if u were a villian who would u be?
if u were a club what club would u be?
what is ur biggest hope?
what do u think about when u see urself in the mirror?
3 wishes if u can have them what would they be?
who is ur reason 4 wanting more in life?
do u think u live ur life to the fullest n y or y not?

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