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Author: analoganarchist
Created: May 8, 2004
Taken: 381 times
Rated: G

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Created by analoganarchist and taken 381 times on Bzoink
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Why Are you a vegetarian?
When did you go Vegetarian?
Are you vegan?
If so what do you consider veganism?
Are you an environmentalist?
What is you're favorite vegetarian food?
What is you're favorite vegetarian grocer/restuarant.
Who is you're favorite veggie actor/actress or music artist?
What kind of Music do you listen to?
Do you support the war in Iraq?
How do you feel about Abortion?
How do you feel about hockey?
Soynut butter, or vegan meat?
Veggie pizza or veggie sub?
What state do you live in?
What\\\'s you\\\'re favorite website?
Have you heard of Peta?
If so are you a member?
Do you believe in activism and animal rights?
Overeat or over exercise?
Passive or take charge?
What would you rather see, a veggie burger at mcdonalds or mcdonalds burnin
What is you\\\'re favorite vegan food/clothes brand?
NOFX or sum 41?
Video games or great outdoors?
How do you feel about celebrities supporting fast food insudtries?
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Religious or Science?
Where would you like to move in the future?
Have you ever been inside a Fresh Fields or Whole Foods Market?
Hybrid or SUV?
Do you think we will ever have 100% fuelless vehicles?
Have you tried the BK veggie at Burger king?
Warm summers or cold winter?
America or Canada?
Virginia or California?
Do you feel like society tries to heckle vegetarians?
What did you do on Earth Day?
Bush or Kerry?
If neither, then who and why?
Cd's or Vinyl?
Paper or Plastic at the grocery store?
Animal testing to cure human diseases?
Did you enjoy taking this test?