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Author: marinadelray
Created: November 5, 2005
Taken: 147 times
Rated: G

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Group Psychological Abuse Scale

Created by marinadelray and taken 147 times on Bzoink
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This scale evaluates abusive groups. Please apply your ratings.
1 = not at all characteristic
2 = not characteristic
3 = canít say/not sure
4 = characteristic
5 = very characteristic
What was your former religious or other group affiliation?
The group does not tell members how to conduct their sex lives.
Young women are directed to use their bodies for the purpose of recruiting.
Group implies that breaking the law is okay if it serves their interests.
Members are expected to postpone their personal goals for the group.
The group encourages ill members to get medical assistance.
Gaining political power is a major goal of the group.
Members believe to leave the group would be death for themselves or family.
The group discourages members from displaying negative emotions.
Members feel they are part of a special elite.
Teaches that those critical of the group are in the power of evil forces.
Uses coercive persuasion and mind control.
The group approves of violence against outsiders.
Members are expected to live with other members.
Members must abide by the groupís guidelines regarding dating.
People who stay in the group do so because they are manipulated.
The group teaches special exercises to push doubts out.
Medical attention is discouraged, even though there is a medical problem.
Members are expected to serve the groupís leaders.
Raising money is a major goal of the group.
The group does not hesitate to threaten outside critics.
Members are expected to make their own decisions without consulting leaders
Members are as capable of critical thinking as they were before they joined
The group believes or implies that its leader is divine.
Mind-control is used without conscious consent of members.
Members feel little psychological pressure from leaders.
The groupís leader(s) rarely criticized members.
Recruiting members is a major goal of the group.
Members are expected to consult with leaders about most decisions.
A bit about yourself:
How long ago was your contact with your religious organization? (years)
How long were you a member?
Your sex: M/F
How many years of schooling have you had, including the elementary grades?
Did you leave your religious organization with formal outside assistance?
Did you receive some exit counselling? Y/N
Were you ejected from your religious organization? Y/N
Where in the world do you live?