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Author: yourdarkesthopes
Created: October 9, 2005
Taken: 1,182 times
Rated: PG

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Hannahs super cool random survey asd;gkajsd;g

Created by yourdarkesthopes and taken 1182 times on Bzoink
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my favorite: this or that
home or cell
cash or credit
mom or dad
purple or pink
radio or CDs
CDs or ipods
acoustic or electric
fingers or toes
braces or retainers
bras or panties
football or basketball
play sports or watch them
make music or hear music
his best friend or his girlfriend
windows down or air conditioning
fireplace or bonfire
camp in the living room or camp in the back yard
lake or ocean
creek or river
asdfghjkl; or ;lkjhgfdsa
neon orange or neon green
this or that
ooooh or ahhhh
agressive or shy
old fashioned or modern
'boy' or 'guy'
pine trees or leafy trees
tin cup or frost'n'steam
movies or videogames
mud wrestling or snow wrestling
trumpet or trombone
carrots or peas
apples or pomegranets
crying or laughing
smoking or drinking
pop or soda
homecoming or prom
What/who's the best...
hair style
kind of monkey
kind of icing
thing to eat at mcdonalds
person's house to trash
crayon color
soda pop
harry potter movie
tropical fruit
whos the most fun?
whos the best to make fun of?
who has the best parties?
who makes you cry the most?
who makes you laugh the most?
who is the most musical?
whos the most talented? what are they talented at?
who says stupid things the most?
whos the most depressed?
who's the most fun to get into trouble?
who gets you into trouble the most?
who's the meanest person you know?
Who have you spent the most money on?
Who is the best person to talk to about your problems?
Have you...
told someones secret when you promised you wouldnt
eaten buffalo
bought something from victoria's secret
snuck out
had people sneak in
say things you didnt mean
felt overwhelmed
had butterflies in your tummy
gotten so frustrated you've given up
made plans you've never followed through on
lied to a friend
been mad at God
called someone crying
had someone call you crying
thrown food
had random staring contests with people
had a big fight with someone but then become friends again
had a big fight and lost someones friendship
ever gone exploring
cried yourself to sleep [im talking, all out bawlingi]
been scared to call someone
would you ever...
tell someone they have a nice kaboose?
throw chicken at a car?
go skinny dipping?
go streaking?
drive to wendys at 2 AM?
throw animal feet in someones house?
do the funky monkey?
[do you know what the funkey monkey is?]
run away if you get upset?
cut yourself?
blow up sometrhing thats alive?
make out with someone just cuz they're hot?
watch finding nemo with me?
Can you..
fold your tongue in the shape of a clover?
Touch your nose with your tongue?
sing on key?
play an instrument?
run for 10 minutes without a break?
burp on command?
cry on command?
do bold things without being embarrassed?
ignore what people think of you?
convince yourself that things will be okay?
hold in your emotions?
hit a bullseye?
get a hole in one?
get away with naughty things?
hurt people and not care about it?
do you like polka dots or stripes?
is your room an interesting color?
do you have any interesting collections?
how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
are your parents strict?
if you had one wish what would it be?
if you could ask one question and get an honest answer, what would it be?
what super power would you choose?
have you ever seen the butterfly effect?
if so, did you like it?
do you prefer going to movies or watching them at home?
do you think you'll cry today?
do you like school for reasons other than seeing your friends?
if you could change one thing about yourself what would you change?
are you psychic?
do chicken nuggets tempt you?
have you ever tasted ear wax?
if so, did it taste good?
what is your body temperature right now?
are you bisexual?
are you wearing socks right now?
if so, what color are they?
flip flops or sandals?
do you have any injuries right now?