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Author: rockergirl713
Created: October 5, 2005
Taken: 1,211 times
Rated: G

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Everything About Your Crush, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend.

Created by rockergirl713 and taken 1211 times on Bzoink
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Some Basics About Physical Appearence...What's their
Hair like?
Eyes like?
Body like?
Glasses or Contacts?
Piercings or Tattoos?
Braces or Retainers?
Are they more skinny or athletic?
Any other interesting things about the way they look?
What's your favorite thing about the way they look?
Their Personality!
Three words that describe them are...
Funny or Serious?
Partier or Studier?
Sarcastic or Sincere?
Organized or Disorganized?
Shy or Out-going?
Optimist or Pessimist?
Democrat or Republican?
Are they sensitive?
Do they get along with their parents/siblings?
Are they totally honest?
Are they athletic?
Are they artsy or musical?
Do they do good in school?
Do they do community service?
Do they smoke, drink, do drugs, etc.?
Do they swear?
Have they ever been arrested?
Are they polite?
You and Them. *sigh*
Are you two aquietences?
Do you talk on the phone?
Instant message?
Do you hang out together?
What's the sweetest thing they've done for you?
Do they play with your hair?
Hold your hand?
Give you hugs?
Kiss you?
Do anything else with you?
Do you know each other's friends?
Have they ever got you something?
What was it?
Have they ever written you a poem or song?
Do your parents like them?
Do their parents like you?
How did you meet him/her?
How long have you known him/her?
If it's a crush, do they know you like them?
And is there a chance that you'll get together?
Their Interests.
Favorite Band:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Book:
Can they play an instrument or sing?
Are they in any clubs/on any teams?
Do they have any pets?
Any weird skills?
In Your Opinion...
What's the best thing about them?
What would you change about them?
What's the weirdest thing about them?
What's something funny about them?
What was the first thing you noticed about them?
Why are you so attracted to them?
Do you have a lot in common?
What do you want to do with them?
Do you think you'll get married?
Have kids?
Forget about each other in twenty years?
Have you ever poked them?
Do you want to sit under the stars with them?
Describe a perfect date with them.
And a perfect kiss.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Have you ever been in love?
Who was your first love?
Do you love your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend?
Do you miss them?
It's over. Now go talk to them. :-)

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