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Author: xflirtykaosx
Created: September 25, 2005
Taken: 2,432 times
Rated: PG

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The Fun Opposite Sex Survey

Created by xflirtykaosx and taken 2432 times on Bzoink
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Name someone of the opposite sex....1?
I will now ask you questions about them... refer back if need to!
Have you kissed number 5?
Would you ever consider going out with 2?
Do you find number 12 attractive?
What is number 6's best feature?
What do you like about number 10?
Do you miss number 20?
Have you had sex with 2, 8, or 15?
Has 9 ever hurt you?
Do you think that number 1 is a good friend?
Do you think that number 17 would be good in bed?
Do you wish you could get to know number 5 better?
Is number 4 funny?
Is number 7 cruel?
Do you think that number 11 fancies you?
Do you consider numbers 2, 9, 14 and 19 as good friends?
Would you rather snog 2, 5, or 9?
Would you rather have sex with 8, 3 or 15?
Do you think that you and number 5 are soulmates?
OK some questons where you give the number as your answer...??
Which numbers have you dated?
Which numbers have you had sex with?
Which numbers do you WISH you had sex with?
Which numbers the funniest?
Which numbers the cruelest?
Which number are you the closest to?
Which number would you love to kill?
Which number is the sexiest?
Which number is the ugliest?
Which number makes you the most happy?
Which number is the most sarcastic?
Which number(s) do you think you will be friends with forever?
Which number(s) would you consider marrying?
Which number has the best facial features?
Which number has the sexiest body?
Which number has the sexiest 'private parts'?
Which number has the nicest voice?
Which number has made you cry?
Which number was the last you spoke to?
Now some questions. You answer if they do/do not etc...
Does number 5 make you laugh?
Does number 12 talk dirty?
Does number 11 scare you?
Does number 16 fine you funny?
Does number 19 insult you?
Does number 20 have a crush on you?
Some questions yo[u have to answer about the numbers...?
Who is number 1, 7, 12 and 20's crushes/fancies?
How old is number 5?
Is number 11 sexy?
What county does number 2 live in?
What programmes does number 13 like?
What habits does number 5 have?
What is 17s favourite number?