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Author: myteam123
Created: August 12, 2005
Taken: 467 times
Rated: PG

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We're cool,this survey is for cool people only

Created by myteam123 and taken 467 times on Bzoink
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+~+~ All Ab00t you +~+~
What is the Date?
What are you wearing?
are you wearing Shoes?
How old are you?
When is your Birthday?
Do you have any siblings?
What are their names?
Do you like parents?
How old is your mom?
How old is your dad?
Do you have any pets?
What kind of pets?
Do you like your house?
Is it big or small
+~+~+ RANDOMNESS!+~+~+
Do you like the mall?
Do you go to the mall to hang out,or to buy stuff?
What is your Ideal Vacation?
Do you wear belts?
Do you spell good?
Do you like eggs?
do you wear matching shoe laces?
Do you like to push small children to the ground?
Do you lke kids?
Do you spend more than 4 hours on the computer at a time?
Is there song stuck in your head?
If so,what song?
Have you ever seen the breakfast club?
What you you rate it,from 1-10
Do you wear Jewlry?
Where are you right now?
Whats your poision?
What color crayon would you be?
+~+~+ CHOOSE ONE +~+~+
Frogs or turtles
The old Daisey Duke or The New Daisy Duke
Vegas or Reno
Snow or Hotness
Showers or Baths
Hot Tubs or Pools
Real Flowers or Fake Flowers
Kids or Adults
Billie Joe Armstrong or Green Day
Theme Parks or Water Parks
Bracelets or Necklaces
Ears or Nose?
Homless and happy or Rich and Sad
Retarded or Ugly
Spider man Comics or Spiderman Movies
Harry Potter or Merlin
Finding Nemo or Cinderella
Your Mom or Tu Madre
Awake or Sleeping
Real N ails or Fake Nails
~+~+~+ FAVORITES +~+~+
What is your Favorite animal?
What is your Least Favorite Animal
Song (only one)
Least Favorite Song
Least Favorite Show
Least Favorite Animal
Ice Cream
Least favorite Ice Cream
Place to be
Least Favorite place to be
Least Favorite Fruit
Item Of Colthing
Least favorite Item of Clothing
Kind of Underwear
Least Favorite Kind of underwear
Favorite Kind of Dog
+~+~+ IN THE FUTURE +~+~+
Do you want to get Married?
How old do you think you Will be When you Move out?
Where do you want to Live int he future?
Do you want kids?
If so what would your Son Be Named?
What would your daugher be named?
Do you want any pets in th future?
What kinds?
+~+~+ LAST RANDOM NESS +~+~+
Do you have any Cheese Logs?
Whats you Damage Point?
Do you think This would is full of Violent dogs?
^^Spiffy Question,huh?