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Author: nikkie
Created: July 23, 2005
Taken: 1,933 times
Rated: G

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nikkie's guitar survey

Created by nikkie and taken 1933 times on Bzoink
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///about YOU///
///about your GUITAR///
name (if you named it)
how long you've had it
it's gender (if it has one)
kind of guitar (bass, acoustic, electric)
describe it's case
color of pickguard (if it has one)
# picks u currently have
favorite color of pick
thin, medium, heavy/thick
do u often lose your picks?
do u chew on your picks?
do u put them in your mouth?:
favorite genre of music
favorite volume 1-10 (for electric guitars)
fast or slow songs?
loud or quiet songs?
sad or angry songs?
happy or angry songs?
are u in a band?
if so, what is it called?
if not, do u want a band?
do u like ur band if u have one?
who is/would be in your band?
///your LOVE///
how long have u been playing?
how long do u wish to play?
do u really enjoy your instrument?
have u ever bled because of a guitar?
has a string ever snapped and cut u?
have u ever played so long that ur fingers bled?
study for a hard test tomorrow or play guitar till the sun comes up?
if someone broke ur guitar, you would
if someone broke ur amp, you would
if someone vandalized ur guitar, you would
if someone stole ur guitar, you would
if someone said guitarists sucked, you would
when u play for someone, u probably wear
what do u do when u play? (stand still, headbang, etc.)
has anyone ever told u that u look stupid when u play?
do you look stupid when u play?
///relationship problems///
does your guitar(s) get abused?
have u ever yelled at a guitar?
have u ever smashed up ur guitar?
///closing words///
if your guitar could speak, it'd say