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Author: PurpleliciousStar
Created: July 20, 2005
Taken: 341 times
Rated: G

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Take This If You are Bored, and Bored Only! (all the surveys combined, very long!)

Created by PurpleliciousStar and taken 341 times on Bzoink
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First best friend
First job
First screen name
First self purchased cd
First piercing/tattoo
First enemy
First big trip
Latest good cry
Latest library book
Latest beverage drank
Latest food consumed
Last phone call
Last time showered
Last CD Played
Last annoyance
Last shirt worn
Last website visited
Describe your wallet
Describe your underwear
Describe your tattoo
Describe your hair
Describe your eyes
Describe your room
Salt or Pepper
"Okay," "OK," "ok," or "O.K."
bright colors or dark colors
tic-tac or certs
sunshine or rain
rain or snow
sun or moon
silver or gold
silk, cotton, or flannel sheets
preps or freaks
ketchup, mayo, mustard, or relish
shampoo+conditioner, or 2 in 1
If You Were____, What would you be?
an animal
a fruit
a vegetable
a color
a bug
Are you smart:
Do you like onions
what intruments can you play?
what words do you overuse?
do you sleep with socks on?
are you ticklish
are you shy?
do you talk to yourself?
do you have a bsement or an attick
did you go to preschool
are you a morning person?
Your full name
your nick name
your birthplace
your height
righty or lefty
zodiac sigh
your heritage
your fears
Your perfect pizza
goals you'd like to acheive
your most over used phrase on AIM:
your thoughts first wakingup
your thoughts at bedtime
your most missed memory:
Pepsi or Coke:
McDonald or Burger King
Single date or group date
adidas or nick
lipton iced tea or nestea
chocolate or vanilla
cappuccino or coffe
take shower everyday
do you think you've been in love
want to go to college
like(d) high school
get marreid
believe in yourself
get motion sickness
get aong with your parent(s)
like thrunderstorms
In the past Month!
drank alcohol
gone on a date
gonet to the mall
eaten an entire box of oreos
eaten sushi
been on stage
been dumped
gone skating
made homemade cookies
skinny dipping
dyed your hair
stolen anything
Have you ever
played a game that required removal of clothing?
been caught "doing something"
been called a tease
gotten beat up
changed who you were to fit in
What age do you hope to get married?
numbers and names of children
describe your dream wedding
how do you want to die
what do you want to be when you grow up
In a guy/girl
best eye color
best hair color
short or long hair
best articles of clothing
best first date location
best frist kiss location
Number of...
people you could trust with my life
pet you have
scars on your body
things in your past that you regret.