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Author: caprasarmies
Created: July 12, 2005
Taken: 262 times
Rated: G

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*Fifty-three questions about astrology and the zodiac*

Created by caprasarmies and taken 262 times on Bzoink
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Starting info
What's your A/S/L and maybe your name?
58 questions about astrology
What is your zodiac sign?
What sign is your sign most compatible with?
What other sign is your sign only somewhat compatible with?
Name a few signs that your least compatible with
Is your sign mutual, Cardinal or fixed?
Who is your best riends of the opposite sex?
What sign are they?
Are you compatible?
Name somebody you have a crush on (if not, name some celeb)
What is thier sign?
Are you compatible?
What sign is your mom?
What sign is your dad?
What sign are your siblings(if you have any)
What sign are your grandparents?
Is your mom and dad compatible?
Are your grandparents compatible?
Do you even know what sign is compatible to which?
Do you subscribe to horoscopes?
Do you truly believe in horoscopes?
When is your birthday?
Can you guess someones sign by the way they act?
What sign is your teacher (or boss) ?
Do you know anyone who shares your birthday?
Were you born during a cusp? (19-23 of the month)
Do you have any pets?
What sign are they (if you have any)?
Who is your worst enemy?
What sign are they?
Do they have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
If so, are they compatible?
Name anybody you know who are...
Which sign do you think you are most compatible too?
Which sign do you think you will end up marrying?
Which sign would defintely not work out for you?
Where do you get your horoscopes?
Do you buy astrology books?
What planet is your sign?
What are you on the chinese zodiac?
Finally, do you love astrolgy?
Was this quiz half decent?