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Author: geoffhayman
Created: July 10, 2005
Taken: 6,229 times
Rated: G

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The one and only skateboarding survey for all ya' punks

Created by geoffhayman and taken 6229 times on Bzoink
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How long since you first stepped on a skateboard?
How long since you last stepped on a skateboard?
Was your first skateboard shaped like a fish or a popscicle stick?
Why do you love skateboarding?
How old are you?
Pros an' Cons
It's inevitable. C'mon, how many tickets have you gotten?
What's your worst injury? skateboarding, not
have you broken a board in the last month?
Do you have any sponsors?
Has skateboarding ever gotten you a date?
Your avarage run-in with a cop.
Rent-a-cops or security gaurds?
Do your parents/family support your skateboarding?
Personal random crap? Favourites
Goofy or Regular?
How would you describe your style?
Ever had rails on your board?
Who's in your skate crew?
Fav team?
Fav. style?
fav. spot?
most stairs?
Hand rails or Hubbas?
fav. skater?
fav. trick?
I'll skate 'till...
last words