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About This Survey

Author: itsinevitable
Created: July 10, 2005
Taken: 109 times
Rated: G

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x. about you

Created by itsinevitable and taken 109 times on Bzoink
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x. about you...
x. name
x. sex
x. age/birthday
x. location
x. school
x. favorite
x. sport
x. vacation spot
x. food
x. movie
x. tv show
x. website
x. magazine
x. book
x. song
x. band/singer
x. clothing store
x. outfit
x. grade
x. teacher
x. holiday
x. name all your friends?
x. who's your best?
x. who do you trust the most?
x. who do you hang out with the most?
x. who have you known the longest?
x. who do you trust the most?
x. who annoys you?
x. this or that
x. computer or tv
x. magazines or books
x. picture frames or albums
x. mp3 player or cd player
x. pen or pencil
x. black or white
x. land or water
x. diary journal or blog
x. pepsi or coke
x. rock or rap
x. candy or vegetables
x. sugar or spice
x. friends or boyfriend
x. cat or dog
x. hollister or hot topic
x. bracelet or anklet
x. random
x. what colors are your room
x. do you like where you live
x. what do you want to be when you grow up?
x. do you have a pool?
x. ever done something you regret?
x. do you post pictures online?
x. do you have a cell phone?
x. contact me
x. sn
x. website
x. email address