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Author: laoster215
Created: June 11, 2005
Taken: 26 times
Rated: G

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laoster215's survey

Created by laoster215 and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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about you
wat is ur name?
birth place
age you act
current location
eye color
hair color
zodiac sign
chinise horoscope
ur nationality
ur hair
your fears
your personality
this or that
pepsi or coke
mcdonald's or burger king
white or black
escalade or hummer h2
vanilla or chocolate
snickers or twix
nike or addidas
crips or bloods
do you...
sing well
talk to urself
beleive in urself
have a bf or gf
want to go to college
get married
have children
get along wit parents
get along wit siblings
love ur gf or bf
have a pet
care for family
love ur life
hate on other people
the last....
time u had a dream
time u cried
movie seen
book read
time you laughed
phone call
person you hugged
person you kissed
person you yelled at
time you fought with your parents
random questions
who is ur bf or gf?
who is ur favorite family member?
how many languages do u speak?
how many brothers and sisters do u hav?