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About This Survey

Author: stargirl3763
Created: March 13, 2004
Taken: 548 times
Rated: G

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Created by stargirl3763 and taken 548 times on Bzoink
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black or white
pencil or pen
dress or skirt
long hair or short hair
pigs or monkies
aim or phone
apple juice or orange juice
new york or chicago
paris or rome
glue or tape
coffee or tea
acting or singing
hats or earmuffs
mittens or gloves
michigan or florida
always raining or always sunny
blue or red
candles or electric lights
brush or comb
straight or gay
black and white photos or color photos
run or skip
soccer or basketball
son or daughter
red rose or white rose
tennis or golf
mind or heart
italian food or chinese food
stomach ache or headache
country music or classical
paperclip or staple
plays or musicals
rats or spiders
checkers or chess
CD or radio
having no children or having six children
lyrics or poems
picture frames or a scrapbook
bar or dance club
bubble gum or mints
dressed up or casual
bees or mosquitos
heaven or not
summer or winter
sweatshirt or sweater
computer or television
apple or orange
pancakes or waffles
stuffed animal or security blanket
memories or dreams
beginning or end
crest or colgate
french or spanish
lipgloss or lipstick
evanescence or sheryl crow
athletic or smart
nailpolish or natural
contacts or glasses
shower or bath
midnight or noon
silence or lots of noise
past or future
mortal or immortal
getting a cut or getting burned
sandles or sneakers
skiiing or snowboarding
digital pictures or pictures on film
be able to wink or be able to roll your tounge
french kiss or peck
hug or kiss
loving or being loved
bungee jumping or sky diving
cooking or cleaning
socks or barefoot
pink or purple
lots of acquaintances or one good friend
daisy or dandelion
hurt someone or be hurt
ability to fly or ability to read minds
boxers or briefs
cake or pie
apple pie or peach pie
vanilla icecream or chocolate icecream
M&Ms or Skittles
chicken or steak
comedy movies or romance movies
blonde or brunette
hamburger or hotdog
too hot or too cold
skip lunch or skip dinner
blueberries or raspberries
poker or rummy
The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast
kiss a frog or eat a small insect
studying government or studying history
crayons or markers
lake or ocean
beach or pool
blue eyes or brown eyes
curly hair or straight hair
brother or sister
one pillow or two pillows
soda or juice
big family or small family
live in the moment or live for tomorrow